Duck Dynasty

Creative Fields



Activision / Black Lantern Studios

Completion Date

Oct 14th, 2014

This incarnation in game form of the popular Duck Dynasty TV series is a mix of Animal Crossing and Duck Hunt. I was responsible for the UI design and game flow from concept through implementation, working to create a friendly style that echoed the hunter vibe from the TV series and the papercraft aesthetic of our general art direction. Special care was taken in making sure the various menu and interface elements were compatible with both stylus and d-pad control methods. There are only so many ways you can use wood as a material for an interface, but I think this set came out well.

As my first project as a full-time member of the team at Black Lantern Studios, I used this opportunity to instill a greater sense of importance of viewing the overall player experience across disciplines than had previously existed. There were also numerous technical and performance considerations that had to be kept in mind which necessitated crystal clear communication in my work with artists, designers, and programmers. Done in partnership with Activision and A&E.

The main menu! This set the tone for the rest of the game UI with a wood-and-metal, handcrafted feel.
A series showing the main HUD, dialog interactions, quest log, and inventory.
More game menus: trophy book interface and duck blind selection.
Fishing minigame UI and results popup.
Duck hunting minigame setup screen showing active and passive duck call selection.
Duck hunting gameplay and summary screens.