Super Mario World: Level Design Exercise

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Game Design



Some time ago – before the dawn of Super Mario Maker –  I approached the challenge of creating a new level for Super Mario World as way to keep my design muscles sharp. You can grab the entire level with notations in PDF form here, or scroll down for closeup panels.The following parameters were set forth:


  • Create a level utilizing a new player mechanic, new enemies, and new jumping puzzles.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Level should demonstrate a progressive series of challenges and generally tend toward the moderate to high end of the difficulty scale.
  • Play experience should be a mixture of planning and reflex when tackling challenges.
  • Mechanics presented should “fit” with the general theme established by existing levels and the game as a whole while still offering new flavor and enjoyment.

Restrictions / Assumptions:

  • Levels should not recycle any previous mechanics or enemies verbatim.
  • The player is expected to have completed the majority of the game by the point these levels are attempted.
  • The player should never require an item in order to complete the level, or be able to become trapped; this does not apply to alternate routes/bonus rooms.
  • New mechanics and enemy behaviors must fit within the relative technical capabilities of Super Mario World.