Sony OnPlaystation Quiz App

Creative Fields

Game Design, Leadership, UI / UX


Sony / Black Lantern Studios

Completion Date

Nov 12th, 2014

I had the opportunity to design a mobile quiz app for Sony’s retail training program, OnPlaystation. The goal was to create a companion for the to compliment to the retail training focus of the OnPlaystation website but with a focus on gamification to increase trainee participation.  This app allows Sony to push content information for upcoming releases directly to the staff of gaming retailers, and retail employees then use the app to test their retention of the training information made available via the OnPlaystation website in the form of quizzes.

The application behaves similar to the experiences found in other mobile puzzle games, with users selecting a title, platform, or category from the list to answer questions about for points while under a time limit. The app was specifically designed from the beginning to be able to support a variety of questions types and continuously changing content as new products are rolled out and old ones retired.