Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park

Creative Fields

Game Design, UI / UX


Activision / Mind Candy / Black Lantern Studios

Completion Date

Oct 26th, 2012

The second handheld installment from the amazingly popular Moshi Monsters franchise, Moshlings Theme Park was a dual release on both DS and 3DS. I worked as part of the Pixelscopic team developing the DS release while contributing level, puzzle, and UI designs for the 3DS release. This game was much larger in scope than Moshling Zoo and required many, many different approaches to presenting info to the player. Likewise, there were a massive number of assets and a lot of scripting work was required to get everything rigged together and functional. Animation was done using Nintendo’s proprietary NITRO toolset, and scripting done through a custom IDE. Project done under contract with Black Lantern and Mind Candy.

The following samples showcase the vast amount of content in Moshlings Theme Park, and by association the large number of interfaces needed. This set shows the main menu and zone navigation.
This set shows puzzle exploration, finding a Moshling, and the Moshling exercise minigame.
This set shows the tutorial for a minigame, the minigame itself, and the summary screen upon completion.
Examples of the visitor center where the player receives gifts, the secret code unlock screen, and the meta-level park sign puzzle.
Setting up a UI scene inside the scripting IDE.
One of the design spreadsheets used to plan out the progression of the Exploration puzzles in each zone.
An Exploration puzzle displayed in the IDE (top) as derived from the wireframe design (below).
Another form of Exploration puzzle, the Motor room serves as the final puzzle challenge for each zone. This again shows the final implementation and its original wireframe plan.
Setting up an Exploration puzzle's nodes, which serve as both pathing for the Moshlings to be rescued and the requirements for completion.