Little League: Home Run Slam

Creative Fields

Game Design, Leadership, UI / UX


Black Lantern Studios

I had the chance to work on a freemium home run derby game, providing overall creative direction as well as hands-on game and interface design, balancing, and documentation. Black Lantern Studios is internally publishing the title and I was responsible for rebooting the project after it had been shelved, organizing it, and motivating the team to surge forward with renewed empowerment. Acting in a project management capacity, I ran our Kanban meetings and established priorities for all disciplines in addition to leading design personnel. I also involved assigned artists in the wireframing process – unknown territory for the art staff – in order to expand their skillset and balance the needed workload between art and design to keep the project moving forward.

This project saw the establishment of new documentation processes to improve cross-discipline communications and understanding of the overall goal. Additionally, improved communication between my design team and other disciplines lead to a greater understanding of the freemium business model and its execution for the entire product team.

An example wireframe for the landing screen, with associated workflow diagram centered on this view. This was the standard template I developed which the team used for all wireframing.
Alpha gameplay showing in-progress UI.
UI example of popup results notifications after each pitch.