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Fire Hose Games

Let’s Quip is a game of wit where the players each argue their case for why a random word given to them is better than their opponent’s – within a limited number of characters (Twitter-style). I worked during the early stages of the project to determine the game workflow, draft wireframes, and create a series of mockups for stylistic options. I was given a rough game idea and intended monetization strategy and allowed to run with the overall UX design to provide a solid foundation for rapid development. The end delivery was a detailed set of wireframes and associated flows to give a very clear understanding of how the game should function for implementation.

Fire Hose eventually launched the game on iOS and Android roughly a year later, stating that my work had provided such good foresight and planning that the core direction I established remained largely unchanged through the course of development.

Four preliminary home screen mocks in various styles. The final game has adopted a mix of the first and the last examples.
Example of global game workflow.
A wireframe and accompanying workflow for the main menu.
Workflow detailing user interaction options and results for a match from creation to resolution.
A wireframe and abbreviated workflow for the matches landing screen.
Here we delve into what the player's profile screen would look like, allotting sections for a wide variety of data to be displayed clearly.
Sample mockups of match screens in two different styles.