John Deere: Homestead

Creative Fields

Game Design, Leadership, UI / UX


Black Lantern Studios

I had the opportunity to work on a freemium farming game for a well-known brand, serving as Creative Director in addition to direct development duties including core gameplay and systems design, monetization strategy, and UX design. Starting with the pitching phase, I lead the design team in developing the core game concept with an eye toward reinforcing the brand’s goals while also improving upon established genre mechanics to create a unique and enjoyable experience. I worked with all disciplines to manage project scope and produce budget estimations, taking into account their concerns and working to start the project with a good foundation for success. Planning was also done for post-launch content releases and tentative features and estimations have been created.

Building upon work done on other titles, I instituted a more modular approach in our design process and documentation, working closely with other disciplines to make sure they understand the intended goals and can utilize the output effectively. Continuing in a project management capacity, I worked to integrate external resources into our project workflow to accommodate our release schedule while also directly managing team members and our agile process.

A diagram of the core game loop and supporting secondary loops.
A set of diagrams of the three core gameplay areas with their associated costs and outcomes. Diagrams such as this are extremely helpful for establishing a high-level guide for later design specifics.
Diagrams showing the three main currency types, their sources, and their sinks. And yes, XP is effectively a currency.
A case-based workflow diagram for the task (delivery) fulfillment process. This title was designed to have a secondary task set as well, which operated at a higher level between the deliveries and meta-level achievements.