Creative Fields

Leadership, UI / UX, Web Dev



I’ve had the honor of developing and maintaining the website for the Indie MEGABOOTH – the enormous independent games showcase appearing at PAX Prime and PAX East with world domination as its goal – from the ground up. I was in charge of reworking the site from scratch with a focus on creating a responsive design that could scale with future content and event demands. The site is powered by a content management system with the goal of making an administration area friendly to content writers and exhibiting game devs alike. All of this also came with a visual overhaul that took cues from the MEGABOOTH’s logo designer Cory Schmitz and graphic artist Jess Floyd.

I lead this project from initial requirements gathering through to launch, working with fellow developers and content managers to create a site that will serve the MEGABOOTH for a good long while. I was given complete freedom in my approach and total responsibility for ensuring a successful initial launch and future stability. I constantly update the site with new features as each event brings about unique challenges for presenting content from a demographic that can only be described as “innovative” and the growing needs of the MEGABOOTH’s promotion.

Responsive across all platforms.
Supports multiple events with large numbers of associated projects, sponsors, etc.
Individual games pages allow developers to update their info, article links, and even purchasing locations.