Duck Commander: Duck Defense

Creative Fields

Game Design, Leadership, UI / UX


Activision / Black Lantern Studios

Completion Date

Nov 13th, 2014

This foray into the land of mobile platform tower defense is yet another entry into the catalog of Robertson-involved games, coming on the heels of the Duck Dynasty 3DS game. I served as lead designer and UI art lead as well as functioning in a creative direction capacity – I put together the original pitch and worked for the duration of the project until ship to make sure the core vision stayed consistent. I worked closely with all disciplines to manage user experience, testing & iteration, art direction, and workload under an extremely tight schedule.

I utilized the best tropes of tower defense gameplay while adding a few unique touches to set the game apart – notably a modular tower upgrade system, special abilities based on hero loadout, and hero-specific special powers. The UI has a handcrafted, wood and metal  feel but with chunkier colors, rounded edges, and defined outlines. This helped to improve readability and present a more generally accessible, casual interface style that complimented the rest of the game art.

Done as part of the team at Black Lantern Studios in partnership with Activision and Duck Commander.

Tablet gameplay interface layout and relative scale.
The modal interface over the world map for selecting a level, its game mode, difficulty, hero loadout, etc.
This series shows the interface for building a tower and upgrades in various stages, including the tooltip popup.
The ever-important encyclopedia/field guide interface - the repository of all knowledge.
The shop interface for purchasing powerups and more in-game currency.
Phone gameplay interface layout and relative scale.