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Game Design, UI / UX



Early on in my time at Pixelscopic in between bouts of Moshi Monsters, the team worked on an idea for a fast-paced, mobile dungeon crawler. The idea centered around building a team via recruits from various guilds before each encounter. Once they’d began a crawl players would swipe sideways to attack or up and down to reposition, expending a refilling action bar for each character in real-time.

My portion of development and brainstorming time was spent working on useful, cool, and class-appropriate ability ideas and balancing for each of the character types we had in mind. You can view the entire sheet in its last-edited form via this link: I also worked on a number of gameplay UI wireframes and mockups to establish functionality and visual style.

Zoomed-out view of the abilities spreadsheet showing various ideas and mechanics I was developing, mid-creation.
Progression of wireframe UI ideas for core gameplay. Here, I'm primarily dealing with the size and positioning of the character stats displayed during a quest.
A slightly higher-fidelity mockup I created to feel out the visual style of the in-game UI, with stub artwork provided by another team member.
Various high-fidelity mockups where I played around with the display of pre-quest prep data, while also developing the visual style.
Two different versions of the Options screen I created, feeling out the visual style and language for UI controls, textures, typography, etc.