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I began working with the Carbon Games team to contribute a fresh look at their freemium PC title, AirMech. AirMech had been under active development for over three years when I began, so there was a lot of history – both internal and external – that I had to get up to speed on. I was tasked with looking at a variety of systems and content areas and making recommendations for improvements, implementing them myself where possible.

In the end, I examined a large number of areas and produced write-ups, flowcharts & diagrams, and mockups. I also contributed content design in the way of new items, map description/lore write-ups, and character backgrounds. Using the AirMech editor, I also designed a set of tutorial maps to help guide new players through the core concepts inherent to the game.

Economy Review

Below are a series of diagrams I created to notate the various currency flows present in AirMech, and to outline recommendations for shifting sources and quantities around to boost player expenditures.

New Player Onboarding

This gallery shows my work in designing a new player flow intended to heighten engagement for first-timers and establish the investment loops and goals to carry them into extended play. This design coincided with the intention to implement a player base-building mini-sim.

Group / Mission UI

Another area I contributed to was the creation of UI mockups for the upcoming simple group/party system. Previously, AirMech only supported a pre-game lobby system – this new capability would lay the groundwork for more content in the way of solo or co-op PvE missions.

Tutorial Mission Design

This gallery shows a set of storyboards I created as part of the design process for tutorial missions. Doing a bit of world building was just as important in these as making sure the player understood the core gameplay concepts of an AirMech match. I also intended to provide a basis for future single player or co-op mission design.

Here I've constructed a tutorial level using AirMech's in-game map editor. I then took screen caps and revisited my storyboards to enhance them for communicating with the rest of the team.
I setup this spreadsheet to aid in the creation of new items found in the game shop. Five new items I designed and wrote the descriptions for are shown here.
The five items pictured above implemented in-game, shown in the featured portion of the store.
A diagram I created to help me define use-case scenarios for adding a surrender mechanic to matches.